New Innovation Advisory Service for Digital and Creative businesses

June 2017

Inner City Solutions has been selected to make the economic and business case for a new revenue funded service to businesses in this key growth sector.

The case focuses on the additional GVA which will accrue based on the following services:

  1. - Recruitment and Building SME Capacity to Innovate

  2. - Sifting for Innovation - mining for those SMEs with ability to grow at scale

  3. - Cognitive computing and cloud computing to find innovative solutions to complex problems led by Universities and the Hartree Watson computing capabilities at Daresbury

  4. - Advanced partnering – forging new partnerships between SMEs with novel products and large scale producers to commercialise products

In total £6m of funding has been secured which will allow for a new team to lead the programme, and accelerate the bringing to market of new products and processes.